Submission of this application does not automatically guarantee admission into the School. Admission is contingent on previous academic results, discipline track record, entrance assessment, admission interview as well as availability of a seat.
Information Disclose
Failure to disclose all necessary information on the application form; concealing pertinent information and/or altering documents, may result in either nullification of admission offered, or expulsion/ withdrawal from the School, as per the case.
Special Needs
Acacia School does not have provision for children with severe or complex special educational needs. Whenever possible we aim to interview every child and their parents prior to entry.
Admissions Seasons
Admissions to St. Anne School can be made at any time through the Registrar, although there are cut-off dates during the year, which are designated by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry also requires all students to submit certain documents to the school before they can enter the educational system in Tanzania.
Right to Placement
The Management reserves the right to determine the placement of a student in the grade level / subjects judged most appropriate for the student's age and school experience.