Students Care

The school enrolls students of all gender, creed and religion.

ACACIA has enough teaching staff and trainers that meet all students’ academic requirements. The teachers both diploma holders and graduates from various local and international Universities. They are committed to their profession.

ACACIA boasts of spacious dormitories, spacious classrooms, equipment and books, a library, laboratories, reliable water supply and electricity.

Human Resource Development demand discipline. To us discipline is ornamental. It is very important for academic, behaviour and conduct development of a student. The good discipline we have at ACACIA is a result of:
1. The good work undertaken by the students’ counselors whose duty is to advise students in mastering their behaviour and understanding their noble purpose of being at ACACIA school.
2. The school observes school rules and regulations.
3. The school encourages harmonious relationship, moral uprightness and teamwork.
4. The school encourages teacher-parent relationship and mutual understanding in communities and neighbouring communities.

The old addage ‘a health mind in a health body’ governs what our students eat. Students eat a balanced diet from locally available food – rice, ugali, potatoes, beans, meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, milk, bread and buns, chapati, tea and soft porridge.

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